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Elizabeth ES McMillan January 9, 2024
"I have purchased two machines from the delightful folks at Bernina Sewing Center of Matawan. Still learning to navigate all the features on the embroidery machine, but the workhorse sewing machine has been a god-send, and the owners have provided instruction and tech support whenever I was in their vicinity! Fantastic customer service, recommended them to several friends from the Greater NYC area! "
Cynthia Lambiase September 12, 2023
"Cathy was Great !_I brought my machine in and she helped me troubleshoot some issues._Explained everything to me in a way I could easily understand._So patient and helpful. Thankyou Cathy!"
Steven Kieselowsky July 7, 2023
"Cathy was great I brought in a sewing machine and she explained it to me."
George King January 31, 2022
"I've had my wife's 40 year old Bernina serviced several times and always had great results and reasonable prices. My wife's machine had an issue last week, and Cathy was able to diagnose this on the phone and lead me to switching a simple knob which solved the dilemma but which took about 15 minutes due to my unfamiliarity with the machine. She was very patient with me and saved me a very long drive to their store to address this problem. It was way beyond whatever I have experienced with other vendors of all sorts. She and Mike are great people and you wouldn't be disappointed with any of the services they offer."
K October 25, 2021
"Over the years, I’ve been looking to get myself a sewing machine, so I researched many brands online and did a lot of reading/watching Youtube. My research pointed me to Bernina and I’m fortunate to have found Cathy at the Bernina Sewing Center in Matawan. I visited the store a couple of times and Cathy was always very friendly and informative. There was no sales pressure whatsoever. She asked what I plan to sew and my experience level. I’m a strong believer in buying the best one can afford because “cheap is expensive.” Plus, a Bernina is known to last for decades. I decided on a machine that works best for me and Cathy showed me how to use the machine, from threading and all the functions. She said that I’m still eligible for additional free training as well. In all, a great experience and I’m happy to be able to support a local “mom "
Kathleen Sienkiewicz July 11, 2020
"There are few places nearby that are Bernina Service Centers so going above and beyond are not necessary to get business. Yet, that is what this place does! My 18-year old machine is on its last legs (or stitches as it were) so I don’t have high hopes for it lasting much longer. I had it serviced with certain computer problems that cannot be repaired (too old to get parts). It runs beautifully (except for some minor stuff) and the staff walked me through my options when it comes time for replacement. No hard sell, just questions about what I wanted, what features I needed and encouragement to take my time and get what I can out of what I have. I will be back when it is time to buy even there are closer places to me. This is exactly what I needed!"